Running from my own emotions so anxiety looms. I know if I jump, I’m jumping into an ocean of regret. Boom. Belly flop. A lack of grace, for just a moment, now all I want to do is hide my face. Take me to another place where no one knows my name, a secret island full of wild so I can lose myself in an illusion that I actually can be tame. I’m the only one to blame, but I keep running, running, running, trying to wash it off like I’m not forever stained.


Let’s be alone together.

Let’s be alone together.

Lay your head in my lap

_____sharing thoughts;

In your mind I find shelter.

You’re smarter than I

_____so forgive me when I grow shy,

_____afraid to share my point of view

Like my ideas are invalid

Or my opinions untrue.


I open a book with you in the room.


A few moments pass until

The silent air is filled with vibrations

_____of your anxious depths

_____in the form of rhythmic finger taps.

Your eyes — black holes,

_____vacuums into the ages of your

_____dark tempered soul.

The spark of a bowl clouds the space

_____and my judgement.

It rolls as I pass it to my left.

You reach out, the hair of your brawned chest peaks out.

Your thumb brushes mine

_____stopping time

_____and I love it.

Goodbye Kiss

Stimulation speeds through every inch of my form. From the crown of my skull as he tugs my hair, to my lips, numb from his cocaine dipped cigarette, down every vertebrae in my curved spine, to my toes, curled in anticipation. It is there where his toes grip the tips of my soles so he may have me in grasp until he, not I, releases the embrace. Entangled in his tender touch, I feel his brawn surround. Though, if I had to choose, brains would be a more likely foe, for his intelligence is beyond my own comprehension. Never been kissed? Hardly. But an embrace as such I have yet to experience.

Mentally refreshed.

Physically invigorated.

Spiritually awestruck.

Crème Brûlée


With clothes on, I see you naked.

Watching your soul breathe, I hit ecstasy.

I have no exes, see I don’t know how to act sometimes

_____when I’m in your presence.

Please forgive me if I overthink this treasure.

Mind stimulated, no need for physical pleasure.

With every touch I’m frozen, dripping

_____Like an icicle in the desert.

I could eat you up for

_____lunch, dinner and dessert.