You could move half way across the world tonight if you wanted.

_________Or you could chill at the spot, break something down, and get blunted.

See the thing about people that’s funny—

________we forget we’re free.

We’re so quick to believe these mirages of limits

________that we try to control life instead of sit back and live it.


If only for a moment

I want you in my bed, but more than that, I want you in my head. Dance with my thoughts as they twirl through emotion. If I’m the needle, you’re the thread so, even if only for this moment, our realities are interwoven. Something like a potion is your energy. Please take these words as a token that I will never leave you with the truth unspoken. You are more than a simple memory. If this bond is ever broken, just know the reminiscence will be reverie.