The Greatest Taboo is that I’m Lonely Too

tmp_28695-IMG_20170106_1423012023685545.jpgOn a bitter winters eve a woman took a lone stroll around the lake. Approaching the bench with a troubled look on her face, the bench mustered the courage to speak to the woman. “I offer this resting place for you to sit and gaze at the beauty of the moment, slow your pace for a while. Be alone, here, with me.” (silence) “What did you notice? Has your mind opened? Do you feel the hug of the breeze, hear the calls of the geese as they search for their prey just underneath the surface of the lake?”
The woman replied, “What I noticed, bench, is that you are lonely. You offer rest & a space to meditate for the passersby who never give but always take. I, however, am not the same, for I am lonely too. You needed me just as much as I needed you. But that’s how the world works, isn’t it? Two souls cross paths at the perfect time, reminding us we’re not alone, just lost too deep in our own endless minds. So take this piece of my energy, pass it on to the next soul that, too, is feeling lonely. And I’ll give your wisdom to someone in a rush to remind them that now is always enough. If ever again I start to feel all alone, I’ll think of you, bench, and hope that you too can see yourself for what you truly are. You’re more than a bench. You’re a beautiful throne.”

(Original photograph)


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