Let’s be alone together.

Let’s be alone together.

Lay your head in my lap

_____sharing thoughts;

In your mind I find shelter.

You’re smarter than I

_____so forgive me when I grow shy,

_____afraid to share my point of view

Like my ideas are invalid

Or my opinions untrue.


I open a book with you in the room.


A few moments pass until

The silent air is filled with vibrations

_____of your anxious depths

_____in the form of rhythmic finger taps.

Your eyes — black holes,

_____vacuums into the ages of your

_____dark tempered soul.

The spark of a bowl clouds the space

_____and my judgement.

It rolls as I pass it to my left.

You reach out, the hair of your brawned chest peaks out.

Your thumb brushes mine

_____stopping time

_____and I love it.


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